Calaveras Lodge No. 8

Calaveras Lodge No. 8, circa 1890. Freemasonry may well be one of the world's oldest, and largest fraternities. Freemasons believe in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. On October 2017, Calaveras Lodge No. 78 merged with Keystone Lodge from Milton to become Calaveras Keystone Lodge No. 78. Welcome Keystone brothers!

A Brief History of Calaveras Lodge No. 8

The organizational meeting of Calaveras Lodge No. 8 was held in the home of Captain Moses Thorpe at Fourth Crossing. Fourth Crossing is located South of San Andreas, between San Andreas and Angels Camp.

Dispensation was granted by:

M : . W : . William H. Howard, January 24, 1855.


Garrett Garretsee, Worshipful Master - Joiner

S. S. Abott, Senior Warden - Paddler

Moses Thorpe, Junior Warden - Miner

Nelson B. Jenks, Treasurer - Joiner

Horace Austin, Secretary - Physician

J. D. Davidson, Senior Deacon - Miner.

The Calaveras No.78 Lodge building has been used for many different purposes in its history that began way back in 1855. In its 161 years of existence it has been a High School for Calaveras County back in 1904 through 1928, to becoming a Bank, while also serving as the housing for many companies that have come and gone in it’s over a century and a half period. Today it houses two business and the Calaveras No.78 Free and Accepted Masons. The building is truly a beautiful structure that has stood the test of time. Contact us or give us a call if you are interested in finding out more about our Fraternity.


News and Events

Hiram Award will be presented to the Worshipful David Studley. Read more on our Events page.

Mason of the Year was awarded on August 2019. Read more on our Events page.

The Goldend Veterans award was given to Tommy A. Farr, PM. Tommy is one of the finest examples of dedicated service to the fraternity. Read more on our Events page.