News and Events of Calaveras No.8

Hiram Award

San Andreas CA. November 7th 2019: Worshipful David Studley will be honored with the Hiram Award RSVP a must by November 7th.

Mason of the Year 2019

George Pattee

San Andreas CA. August 10th 2019: Brother George Pattee was honored as Mason of the Year. The dinner sponsored by the Stockton Scottish Rite was attended by many members of Calaveras Keystone. Picture curtosy of Charles Canada

Golden Veterans Award

Golden Veterans Award, Tommy A. Farr, PM

San Andreas CA. September 2018: On Sunday September 23rd, we honored Worshipful Tommy Farr not for staying alive for 50 years after being raised but for the remarkable amount of dedication he has given to the fraternity over the years. Tommy, a member of many local lodges, has traveled and given the 3rd degree lecture over 250 times! That is like sitting in lodge for over a month straight and that doesn’t include all the other degrees and events he has been a part of. Tommy you are one of the finest examples of dedicated service to the fraternity.

Mason of the Year 2018

Paul Brooks

San Andreas CA. August 2018: On Saturday August 11th members of Calaveras Keystone gathered to honor Brother Paul Brooks who was selected mason of the year. The event was attended by Paul, his wife Jo, one of his 4 children, and a table full of members of lodge #78. Thank you Paul for all that you give to masonry!

Calaveras Keystone #8 FAM 3rd Degree

3rd. Degree

San Andreas CA. May 2018: On the pleasant eve of May 30th 2018 donned in their finest garb the officers of Calaveras Keystone and others raised Brother Camilo Nunez to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Brother Nunez is a fine addition to the craft and lends his computer skills creating and maintaining the lodge webpage. Congratulations Brother Nunez!

Mason of the Year 2017

Rob Merrick

San Andreas CA. August 2017: The Mason of the Year award for Calaveras No.78 was held in Stockton California at Scottish Rite Temple on Saturday August 12, 2017. Rob Merrick was the Mason of the year recipient. Mr. Merrick is being honored for his diligent work with the annual yard sale. He was joined there by his wife Kathy and their three sons.

75 Year Presentation to Calaveras Lodge Member

Jack Lyons

Union City CA. February 2016: Jack Lyons of Calaveras Lodge No.78 was presented with the 75 year pin, the presentation was made March 28, 2017 at Acacia Creek in Union City. Making the presentation was the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the state of California John R. Heisner, also in attendance were June Lyons, Margo Heisner, Grand Lodge Officers, friends and twenty from Calaveras Lodge. As a young man he was a member of the Order of DeMolay. Brother Jack was raised in Marin Masonic Lodge No. 191 on December 23, 1942.   CONGRATULATIONS Brother Jack! !

Mason of the Year 2016

Lawrence 'Wes' FarnHam

San Andreas CA. July 2016: Wes epitomizes the tenets of Free Masonry. Always willing to lend a helping hand to his brethren, and regularly participates in the activities of our lodge. He has a broad set of skills which he applies to helping with the never-ending maintenance of our 115 year-old building. Friendly, affable, with a great sense of humor, positive in his attitude, Wes is fun to be around and his infectious ‘can-do’ approach eases the sometimes onerous tasks that we often are called on to perform!

Some of Wes's acomplishments througout life:

VFW Post #2600, San Andreas Commander (5 Years); American Legion Post #102, Valley Springs; Military order of the Cootie, Pup Tent #5; US Navy 1964-68, EN2; California Army National Guard, SSGT; Volunteer Fire Department, City of Manteca; Fire Chief, Pioneer; Fleet Reserve Association.

The Road Crew

Members of Calaveras No.78

San Andreas CA. February 2016: The Calaveras 8 Road Crew. Once again the members of the Calaveras 78 Lodge are out and serving the community in one way or another, this time it was road cleanup day. Another day of successfully cleaning portions of Highway 49 (The Golden Chain Highway) outside of San Andreas California. Any member who would like to participate in this event, please contact us using our online Contact Form or give us a call.

The Keystone Lodge Fire

A sad day for all.

Milton CA. January 2016: The Keystone Lodge in Milton was destroyed by a fire last month. The historic presence of this beautiful building and its history are now gone forever. A sad day for our Brothers who lost their lodge. We extend our hands to you all for any help you may need to get back on your feet.